Ajira tamisemi .go.tz 2023

By | July 18, 2022

Ajira tamisemi go tz system

This are the system owned by government of Tanzania and Tamisemi act as a main operator. The system is specialized in providing access to the new applicants of Education and healthy sectors (Ualimu & afya).

What are the requirements for the applicants ?.

The applicants must have the following requirements

  • Birth certificates
  • Age 18-45 years
  • National Identification number (NIDA)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE)
  • Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) If requested by the system.
  • Transcript, if needed by the system
  • College/University certificate

When tamisemi ajira window is opened ?

After announcement from TAMISEMI. You will be able to know easily the announcements from tamisemi through our websites mycountryjobs.com .

website for Online(or) application system

visit: ajira.tamisemi.go.tz

Tamisemi contact details

Contact Details

1923 Dodoma – Tanzania,
Katibu Mkuu, Ofisi ya Rais Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa

Telephone: +255 262 321 234


Fax: +255 262 322 116

Email: [email protected]

Complain: [email protected]

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