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About Us

At voco™, we’ve created a new hotel brand that gives people a different choice. Hotels to count on but different enough to be fun. Unstuffy hotels, where people feel comfortable to relax, and just get on with relaxing. Our new family of hotels are connected by their own sense of style and individual character – and that’s something we make the most of. Finding the perfect mix of reliability and new experiences. Because we believe that when you respect individuality life gets interesting. 

At the heart of every great stay is a great host. We think the trick to hosting is to take the time to understand what your guests need, and want. So before they arrive, we find out more about them and how we can make their stay better. Whilst they are with us we give tempting recommendations of our favourite drinks or food, or tips for local experiences that they won’t find in any guide book.

Your day to day

  • Attend review of daily Event Sheet with Concierge Supervisor.
  • Be knowledgeable about hotel facilities, updated on activities, promotions and happenings in the hotel/city to provide accurate information.
  • Ensure that the front entrance and Bell Desk are manned continuously, and driveways and entrance areas are clean, safe and free of traffic at all times.
  • Retrieve guest items from cars, busses, vans and carts using safe handling techniques. Navigate bell cart through public areas and guest room corridors.
  • Require physical stamina to stand, carry and walk continuously for duration of shift.
  • Ensure that all luggage are retrieved and loaded/unloaded to/from correct vehicle with guest, always re-confirm that correct number of luggage are loaded/unloaded before allowing the vehicle to move.
  • Ensure that luggage are tagged, delivered/picked-up promptly to/from correct rooms.
  • Escort guests to rooms or outlets, when escorting to rooms, point out emergency escape routes before entering guestroom.
  • Visually inspect cleanliness, functionality, safety and any unusual situation in the public areas and report to concerned department.
  • Keep public areas and luggage room clean and organized at all times. Maintain all equipment in good working order.
  • Record all guest requests on Guest Call Sheet and follow up promptly.
  • Promptly answer the telephone, within three rings. Use your name when answering, speak clearly and in pleasant voice.
  • Take and deliver accurate and timely guest messages. Deliver mail, small packages and facsimile for customers as requested.
  • Respond to queries positively. Listen carefully, apologize for the problem and offer assistance to resolve it. If after offering alternatives, the problem has not been resolved to the guest’s satisfaction, obtain assistance from Concierge Supervisor or manager.
  • Take endorsement from previous shift and follow up on any outstanding matters. Ensure that matters needing follow-up are endorsed to succeeding shift.
  • Ensure that hotel’s policy relating to fire, grooming, hygiene, health, safety, rules and regulations are understood and adhered to.
  • Report “Lost & Found” items.
  • Responsibly use available systems and equipment at Front Office including PMS (Property Management System), internet, trolleys, etc.
  • Be familiar with all hotel services, offers and facilities and their operating hours.

What we need from you

Proper etiquette – successful Bellman are polite and friendly, making people feel at ease right away. They greet everyone who comes in, and they use interpersonal sensitivity to proactively offer their services when needed. Respond to queries positively.

Customer service – committed to creating an excellent customer experience, Bellman answer inquiries thoroughly and accommodate requests while remaining firm about rules and policies. Listen carefully, apologize for the problem and offer assistance to resolve it. If after offering alternatives, the problem has not been resolved to the guest’s satisfaction, obtain assistance from a supervisor or manager. Have a friendly and sincere nature.

Safety awareness – Bellman must be able to recognize signs of potential danger and enforce safety measures.

Attention to detail – being observant is a key characteristic of Bellman, since they monitor deliveries, building premises, and everybody coming in. Beyond safety concerns, remembering details helps them connect better with people, especially residents or recurring customers.

What we offer

We’ll reward all your hard work with a great salary and benefits – in addition to career development, employee room discounts and great work culture. 


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