How to prepare a good CV

By | June 4, 2023

How to write a good CV ?

It is important to any job seeker to have a Curriculum vitae when applying for a certain job vacancy. Here you will be able to understand on how to write a good and quality CV to any kind of job opportunity in Africa countries like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and etc. The following are the important things to include when preparing a CV.

Personal details

This part include the following details

  • Date of Birth: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Sex: choose if you are male/female
  • Marital Status: Here choose if you are single/married
  • Nationality : example Zimbabwean
  • Place of Birth: example Harare

Language proficiency

Here you are required to indicate your languages that you are able to speak, read and write well. Study the table below:





English Very good Very good Very good
Arabic Very good Very good Very good

Academic qualifications

In this part you should show your education background from low level to high level. its also consist of institution, program and year . Consider the table below.






Professional qualifications

Here it is the details of the careers you studied in the higher level of education like college or university

Course Institution Year

Professional experience

The section want you to provide your professional experience in a certain institution/organization, position and year of conduct.

Institution/organization Position From

(starting year)


(End year/current)


Training and workshops

Name Institution/organization From(starting year) To (End year/current)

Computer literacy

Provide your computer knowledge based on the Microsoft applications of Word, excel and power point. Specify the proficincy of each  application if you are able to use.

Program Proficiency



It is the last part in cv writing that require the information of your referee.

Name Institution/organization Title contact