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By | September 23, 2022

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Various Job Opportunities at Human Resource Solutions


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HSD is recognized as a leading and reliable supplier of qualified or trainable employees for various organizations, regardless of their industry sectors. Today, HSD aims to focus on providing labor force to companies located primarily in Africa. HSD first and foremost strives to position itself as THE partner of choice for employers on the continent.

Our company handles hundreds of individual recruitment cases daily and provides unique opportunities for employers and job seekers looking for a successful future career. Through digitalization, we have set up a unique communication channel between employers and employees looking for professional positions in their sectors.

Our recruitment department uses an extensive database of resumes of qualified candidates in different specializations. Our staff have been carefully trained and have the potential to effectively handle all aspects of labor mobilization, screening and documentation. Our team is proficient in handling all employment situations efficiently and strives to provide candidates with the most suitable position in their respective fields.

HSD executives review all applications and are always happy to discuss job specifications in detail. After applying for job vacancies, candidates are screened and only shortlisted candidates are forwarded to our clients. The company has a strict privacy policy and business ethics for both clients and candidates, ensuring the confidentiality and efficiency throughout the hiring process. HSD is delighted with the increase of qualified candidates in its database for many different countries in Africa.

We are currently recruiting for one of clients in the Energy and Oil & gas sector.The following positions for the development of one their projects in Kilombero (Tanzania):

Post Titles:



Assistant Builders


Assistant Masons




Assistant Steel Fixers

Steel Fixers

Assistant Form Work Technicians

Form Work Technicians

How to Apply:

All interested candidates should send their CVS to [email protected] or [email protected]

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