Software Sales Representative

By | August 11, 2023

Software Sales Representative at Weighty Premier Solutions

About the job

A software sales representative is a front-line team member who facilitates software and computer sales and provides technical support for customers. As a software sales representative, your job duties include answering questions for clients before and after purchase and providing a demonstration of the software to ensure it fits each client’s needs. You spend a majority of your time on the phone with customers to land a sale and maintain client happiness. While some experience in sales is beneficial to have for this job, it’s not strictly required. Qualifications for this career include excellent customer service skills and the ability to communicate technical information to potential customers.


  • Daily direct interaction with customers and leads, either face-to-face or at a distance via the phone or online platforms.
  • Provide information about products and services, highlighting software solutions that can address customer challenges
  • Expected to meet target sales quotas or benchmarks


  • Relevant Software Sales Experience ( Websites , Systes , Apps , Integrations)
  • Diploma/Degree Qualification
  • Knowledge of online platforms